St. Charles Yacht Club Logo
Location  15900 St. Charles Harbour Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33908

About Our Club

St. Charles Yacht Club formally opened in 1990.

A friendly boating and social club: When you join St. Charles Yacht Club you become part of a small, friendly, family focused club. Our members welcome new members and invite them in to all of our club activities and events. Of course, a willingness to participate and to share your interests ensures a good beginning and a vibrant club.

Great dining and fun social events: At St. Charles Yacht Club, we take great pride in the quality of our culinary program. The first class food and beverage facility offers everything from a simple lunch to an elegant dinner. All social happenings are well attended, the membership is very active.

Sharing a wide range of interests: Maybe you are interested in craft exhibitions, men’s or women’s luncheons, a regular enrichment series, shape-up programs, dock parties, book clubs, tennis, bocce ball, shuffleboard, boating education, or dock side pool parties. We have them all!

To achieve our Vision, members and staff develop family-oriented activities centered on boating, social, dining, and community service. We keep our Club vibrant by inspiring the imagination of friends, families, and guests.
At St. Charles Yacht Club, new adventures are shared and lasting friendships are made between boaters and non-boaters. We learn, play, dine, and share life's adventures together. There is a strong connection among us. We care for one another. We are family.
Safety: The safety of our staff, members, and guests comes first both on land and water. Quality: Delivery of quality service at every level is vital to the success of the Club. We welcome challenges to existing processes to foster improvement and drive excellence. Fiscal Responsibility: All stakeholders have an obligation to make financial decisions that ensure the viability of the Club for current and future generations. Fairness: The Club promotes an environment that fosters fairness, equity, and respect for diversity. Everyone is to be treated fairly and equitably. Our History: All stakeholders will preserve, respect, and contribute to the history that has defined St. Charles Yacht Club since 1989.